Return policies

Customer information for return management

Return Policies for products bought at Phonetastik GmbH

Each return must include a delivery note with a short fault description if it doesn’t the return won’t be accepted and it will be returned to sender because we cannot process your return without any information.

For every return check if the product is a product from Phonetastik GmbH and remove any third party label this is the only way to ensure seamless processing.

If the product is packed in blister packaging, it must also be returned with the blister packaging. The packaging must be in the same condition as it was sent.
No third party labels must be affixed to the packaging.

Service center goods are covered by a 3 month warranty.

Service center goods from LG and Samsung must be tested for full functionality prior to installation.

The warranty coverage for service center goods does not apply after installation and adhering of the product, as we cannot file a warranty claim to the manufacturer because of their regulations.
Apple compatible screen units are covered by a 6 month warranty (damaged displays (e.g. deep scratches, torn flex cables, etc. …) will not be accepted).
In general, no warranty claim shall apply in the event of faulty installation of spare parts or in the event of personal negligence.

Examples for denied returns

The following image shows an LCD flex cable that has been damaged by too much pressure

Flex cable that has been damaged during installation

The following images show a screen damaged by personal negligence

This caused a rupture in the screen



Third party labels damage blister packaging